Tools To Help You Sell

Utilize these resources to ensure successful selling!

Introductory Training Program

Consisting of 18 lessons and roughly 2 hours of content, the student will garner an understanding of the key concepts of Think Like a CEO Business Strategy. The course delivers the tangible tools that allow the student to immediately begin analyzing businesses, whether in a B-School setting or a technology setting. Priced at an unbelievably introductory rate of $9.94, there is no reason whatsoever to not learn the concepts behind this incredible business strategy. The course includes video, question answer, and case studies.

Available Workshops

Want to kick off the implementation of Think Like a CEO Business Strategy? Want to get your sales team on the same page and collaborating with this new tool? Want to strategize with executive management on using Think Like a CEO Business Strategy? Choose the workshop for you!

Think Like a CEO Workshop

Think Like a CEO App Workshop is a four hour training session on using the app in your everyday sales environment. The workshop is designed for both salespeople as well as sales managers. The workshop is delivered on site.

Competitive Distancing Workshop

This workshop and preliminary on site consulting allows your company to align your value proposition to the Think Like a CEO Business Strategy. The workshop covers usage of the app as well as consulting with the sales team to develop the specific value proposition for your prospects. 

Think Like a CEO Management Workshop

Your sales teams now have a valuable tool in their hands, and this workshop will teach your sales management how to consistently drive your team to use Think Like a CEO App in alignment with your sales processes. 

Sales Methodology Assessment

A 1 ½ day sales assessment to provide a roadmap to get your sales organization to Think Like a CEO! The Sales Methodology Assessment includes a pre questionnaire, on site interviews, and a delivery workshop outlining observations and recommendations to move your sales team to World Class Think Like a CEO Status.

Custom Think Like a CEO Design

Want to add some of your custom information into Think Like a CEO? Looking to add the Android platform? Talk to us about partnering to make the Think Like a CEO App an even greater part of your business.

Interested in any of the above workshops? Send us an email!