Use a Business App to Teach and Develop Tangible Tools

Provide hands-on training that your students can use the rest of their careers.

Built for Immediate Analysis

Imagine reading a business article and immediately taking sixty seconds to understand the situation that a company, or an industry, is in. Open up Think Like a CEO App and use it to research a single company or other companies within the industry. Discover the Profit Strategies the company is utilizing to drive profit, research its competitors, and gain a greater comprehension of the news article you're reading.

Education Edition Features

Teach Students to Analyze

With graphs and comparison trends immediately available for approximately 9,000 worldwide companies, your students will learn to analyze what is happening with a particular company. They will learn how is the company is performing, and how others in the industry are performing as well.

Simplify Key Business Concepts

Demonstrate difficult concepts, like the Cash Conversion Cycle, in minutes using unlimited examples. Perform "What If?" analysis to demonstrate how compressing the Cash Conversion Cycle affects gross margins and net profits.

Collaborate at the Speed of Light

The collaborative capabilities of Think Like a CEO App Education Edition allow interactive teaching, whether during class or as assignments. Your students develop skills they need in business as they compose clear, concise, compelling, C-Level messages. They can also collaborate with their team members and learn team building skills with the World Class collaboration features.

Use Current Scenarios

Never again will you have to use out of date articles or case studies. Think Like a CEO App has the latest company information available. Is the industry in disruptive change? Are current events driving business decisions? You will be able to find the answers, discuss right in class, and learn as a team.

Teach How to Read Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, and Proxy Statements

With Think Like a CEO App, students can find these reports within seconds. Imagine a discussion about a company's board of directors or about how executive compensation plans drive company behavior and results. Students who might normally take fifteen minutes to find one of these reports will be able to compare several reports in the same time frame.

Speed of Information => Repetition => Understanding

One of the best learning methods is repetition. Repetition in a university B-School normally “says easy…and does hard.” Using Think Like a CEO App Education Edition as a teaching tool, the class focus turns to understanding and comparing companies in an immediate fashion. With more time to analyze and discuss, students will find themselves repeating the process and learning the underlying concepts faster than ever.

Use iPhones and iPads for Education

Today’s students are always on their devices. Imagine if they could replace the non value-added social media sites for a social business learning site. Think Like a CEO App Education Edition is built for social interaction and will have students thinking about business concepts and comparing companies almost as often as they are taking selfies. (BTW – they can set up their user account with…that’s right…a selfie!)

Education Edition
4-Month Subscription
  • Customer Support
  • Unlimited Companies
  • eLearning Definitions and Videos
  • Sales Strategy Notes
  • Standard Color Schemes
  • Unlimited App Updates
  • Course Collaboration

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