D Stands for Differentiation…Or Darwin!

I use the following rhetorical question a lot in planning out sales strategies with my team. Let’s take two of the most fearsome creatures that God has created, each with some incredibly unique features. A grizzly bear, and an alligator. A grizzly bear can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. It has no known predator, and can accelerate faster than your car. Speaking of cars, it can also open a locked car door with its claws. One swipe of its paw will decapitate a cow. The alligator is a pretty fearsome creature in its own right. An alligator has 80 teeth sharper than razors, and its jaws can shut with 3,700 lbs per square inch. Ours, BTW, are about 150 lbs per square inch.

The question that I like to ask is, “Who would win a fight between a bear and an alligator?” I’ll bet it is going to be pretty hard for you to choose.

The answer is, it depends on where they are fighting. If the fight is in the high mountain snows of Aspen, you would bet on the grizzly bear. If the fight is in the swamps of Florida, then you bet on the alligator. Now, what you do with this concept is to always try to fight the fight where it is to your advantage. For example, for me, when I am in the early part of the sales cycle, I always drive the solution that I am selling towards value. I define the value, often times educating the prospect in the way that we can both look at that value.

It is important that you start fighting that fight in 6’ of snow from the very first phone call, and that means letting the prospect know that you aren’t like all those other sales reps that are calling into his company. For one thing, you have exerted effort (well, at least 30-60 seconds) to understand his business. You don’t want to waste his time or him waste yours, so you can jump into just a few questions that he has more than likely never heard from any sales professional. Immediately he – or she – will realize that you are a professional. You can more than likely provide value, and you are certainly different. You differentiated yourself. On the first phone call.

D stands for Differentiation. Or Darwin. You choose. Use Think Like a CEO App to differentiate yourself and start driving value.

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