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Think Like a CEO App provides value-added intelligence on the front end of the sales cycle that, within seconds, allows you to deliver a concise, compelling C-Level message to your prospective customer. Overcome the age-old challenge of getting out of selling to IT, and get into engaging with Line of Business (LOB) executives. Demonstrate that you understand your prospect's current situation, and rather than talking about your product, work with them to solve their business problems.

Convenient. Practical. Concise.

Think Like a CEO App uses proprietary algorithms that synchronize multiple data points into a real time, customized, quantitative sales analysis, driving competitive advantage in your sales cycle.

Ready Whenever You Are

Available on your iPhone and iPad and written for native iOS, Think Like a CEO App is always ready to research a new prospect, review your sales strategy, collaborate with your team or prospect, or keep up to date on your prospect's latest news. You will be able to quickly review all of the information you need before any phone call or meeting.

Are you looking for a true value-added sales tool?

Powerful & Intuitive

All the information you need, right at your fingertips


Our proprietary algorithm analyzes your prospective customer's current situation in relation to their competitors and provides targeted questions for you to ask.


Real-time data for your prospect and their competitors presented in multi-color, logical format.


Collaborate with colleagues on your sales strategy so that you are aligned and using the same messaging. At the same time, collaborate with your customer on the events required to close the deal.


Customizable color schemes keep you inspired and creative. Did your mood change? Then change your theme!


Catch up on the latest news about each and every one of your current and future customers.


Immediately access important information about your prospect, like their website, fiscal year-end, annual and quarterly reports, and information on their executive compensation plan and Board of Directors.

"The VPs think I'm clairvoyant.."
Eric Domski
VP North America Supply Chain Cloud
"Think Like a CEO App allows me to quickly summarize what a business is about, their current situation, and how my executive – and I - can drive value. It’s amazing!"
Paul Schrager
Principal - Schrager Associates
"I cannot imagine calling a customer or prospect without first looking at Think Like a CEO App."
Dave Glennon
Account Executive, Oracle

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