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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments i

Foreword vii

by Dr. John Rutledge, Chairman, Rutledge Capital, President,

Mundell International University of Entrepreneurship Business School, Beijing

Introduction xi

by David Clarke, Sr. VP Case New Holland

Preface xv


PART ONE – The Language of Business

Chapter 1: A Quick Diagnosis Snapshot 1

The Balance Sheet Formula; Different Looks; The Fast Five Balance Sheet

Chapter 2: Understanding the Operations with the P&L Statement 17

The P&L Formula; The Fast Five P&L Statement

Chapter 3: Introducing the King 29

Operating Cash Flow; The Fast Five Cash Flow Statement

Chapter 4: Happy New Year! Now What? 43

Balance Sheet Impacts; P&L Impacts


PART TWO – The Wall St. The Wall Street Selling Methodology™

Chapter 5: The Wall St. Selling Methodology 59

Wall Street Selling Methodology™; Sell Through

Chapter 6: Roadmap to the Information Superhighway 71

US Securities & Exchange Commission; Banking Industry Sites; Not for Profit Sites

Chapter 7: Fundamental Football with the Fast Five 83

Business Ratios; The Fast Five

Chapter 8: Seeing Through the Fog 111

Advanced Definitions; Goodwill; Internal Financial Statements

Chapter 9: Deep Dive for VALUE 133

Liquidity, Operations; Risk; Key Metrics Analysis


PART THREE–Profit Strategies

Chapter 10: Profit Strategies 151

The Rule of 72; Growth Strategies; Profit Strategies; Operating Strategies

Chapter 11: How to Learn Any Industry in 30 Minutes or Less 189

Product Lifecycle; Operating Environment; Insurance Industry; Banking Industry;

Automobile Manufacturing; Airline Industry; Movie Theatres; Professional Sports;

Free Labor – Prison Industries; The Vatican

Chapter 12: Let’s Look at “Blue Chips” 229

Wal-Mart; Dell; Microsoft; Exxon Mobil; Business & Society

Chapter 13: Profits in the Rear View Mirror 243

K Mart; American Standard; Morrison Knudson;

Enron; Sunbeam; Championship Auto Racing; Merck


PART FOUR–Value Integration

Chapter 14: The Ultimate Scorecard– Financial Markets 263

The Stock Market; Understanding the Financial Press

Chapter 15: How to Develop & Deliver a Value Proposition that Works 273

What Executives Are Like; Getting Action out of an Executive;

How to Conduct an Executive Meeting; The Value Proposition

About the Author 295

Bibliography 297

Index 299

Index to Company Examples 303



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flash photo gallery templates
flash photo gallery templates
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