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Unlike any resource on the market, Sell in the USA is a unique audio book that will tell you how to search for, find, contact, and sell to Americans - as if you were an American. Whether it is learning and telling an easy to master joke, or dropping an appropriate American business idiom, you will learn how to build a relationship - fast - with your American prospect.  Written specifically for foreigners - the tools in this audio set will allow you to maximize your sales by easily slipping into the American Way of Business.

Sell in the USA is an audio book, so you can use it during those non value added times like driving back and forth to work. (That’s how I learned Portuguese, BTW.) Would you rather listen to Nine Inch Nails, sports radio, or a sales book that will help you to drive sales in the world’s biggest market, America? To minimize your wanting to drive into a telephone pole, guardrail or bridge abutment, I only read the preface, which is about 90 seconds of the 3 hours of content. A voice talent reads the rest so your car should come out of the product in something less than a totaled state.

The book is geared towards foreigners, people who may not have the experience in working in the States that Americans may have. Think of the book as providing 5-10 years of experience in the American market. Information such as  locating and finding American businesses via websites; where to find and how to use SIC codes; how to entertain Americans; and even how to present your proposal. Every chapter teaches you American business idioms, and even has a few easy to learn and tell business jokes. All taught in 100% American English. If you are already an experienced American businessman, you probably already know this information, but someone with less experience (university students, foreigners, etc) should find the book very helpful.  

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Tools To Sell in Today's Economy

Unless you have been doing your own personal imitation of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, you know that it's tough out there now. A Think Like a CEO reader in Mexico City asked for some ideas on how to sell in today's environment, so I though I'd put down my thoughts in a Competitive Distancing newsletter. Hopefully, the attached will give you more bullets for your sales gun. And as you know, they guy with the pistol keeps the pesos!

So instead of packing up the canned goods and heading to the hills...bear down and use everything at your disposal to build your pipeline! If you like what you read, take a look at all of the newsletters by clicking on this link:

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Impact of Selling High

Think Like a CEO Sweeps the 2008 Book Awards Capturing Two Gold Medals

2008 IPPY Book Awards GOLD MEDAL - Best Business Book (Los Angeles, May)

2008 Axiom Business Book Awards GOLD MEDAL - Best Sales Book (New York, March)


WOW! Think Like a CEO captured two Gold Medals at America's two major book awards. It won the Gold Medal as the top business book at the 12th annual Independent Book Awards and the Gold Medal as the top sales book at the 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards. I cannot tell you how honored I am to have my book in the company of some of the other top business books. 

I brought my family with me to both ceremonies, because they were so much a part of the success of this book. At the ceremony in NYC, I heard over and over again about the uniqueness of this book -  it's focus on teaching a strategy for selling at the highest levels of an organization (the C-Level.) I would like to note the other fine books that won the Silver and Bronze medals. The Entrepreneurial Conversation, by Edward G. Rogof & Michael Corbett with Perry-Lynn Moffitt (Pinnacle Books); and Trust Based Selling, by Charles H. Green (McGraw-Hill.) Think Like a CEO is certainly in good company with the other winners!

The IPPY Awards were a bit different, as there was only one business category,  Best Business Book, which we were fortunate to win. I'd like to thank everyone who worked on this project at Flow Publishing, because publishing a book is really a team project. Most importantly, I'd like to thank all of the readers of Think Like a CEO, and I appreciate all of the emails that you have sent me. Keep them coming, and let's keep closing deals!

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  Competitividad Empresarial - Mexico City's top business program takes a few minutes to talk about how to to deal with and sell to a Director General. (The program starts approx. 50 seconds into the file.)


Listen to Mark explain the concepts behind Think Like a CEO on the English radio program, Knights of the Business Roundtable

NOTE: The interview takes 45 seconds to  download.

        Look inside the book.  
Most sales methods tell you what you need to do, but don't provide you the tools to get it done. They are kind of like listening to Pele describe how he plays soccer, "I do deese, deese, deese, deese, GOAL!"

See What Top Executives Are Saying

If you are looking for a selling advantage over your competition, you’ve just found it. Read this book, follow Mark’s advice, and you’ll have the edge in closing any deal.
Tom Clevinger, General Manager, PACCAR Parts Europe

How many times have you heard that to sell to the CEO you have to become a “trusted advisor?” Think Like a CEO gives you the roadmap to become that trusted advisor.
Justin Doster, Business Development Executive, IBM

Think Like a CEO will teach you to close deals faster than a one-on-one internship with Donald Trump.
James Barry, Senior VP ADP

Mark Kuta’s Wall Street Selling Methodology™ will definitely help you close sales with top executives. At all costs, however, keep this book out of the hands of your competitors. Best to keep them in the dark.
Dr. John Rutledge, Chairman, Rutledge Capital, President, Mundell International University of Entrepreneurship Business School, Beijing

Think Like a CEO will turn you into that rare breed of sales executive who understands your prospect’s business so well that you could run it. They will trust you and buy from you – BIG.
Harry Goodnight, Sr. VP Worldwide Sales Consulting, i2 Technologies 

Buy this book on a Friday, read it over the weekend, and walk into work the next Monday better prepared to deliver value.
~ David Clarke, Sr. VP Case New Holland

Think Like a CEO vaulted to the top of my list of must read business books. 
Tom Sherman, CEO Growth Dynamics

Most sales people don’t understand the corporate issues that executives are facing. Think Like a CEO will help a sales exec “think outside the box” and get inside the CEO's head to make a deal happen.
Simon Jeacock, Senior VP Sales, SAP

As an engineer, I thought a great product would sell itself. We built a better mousetrap, but the world still beat a path to our competitor. The strategy and sales concepts in Think Like a CEO allow us to make it clear why our prospects need our mousetrap.
Doug Brandon, President Brandon Engineering

The book hits the nail squarely on the head. This is how you sell to executives. It is going to be a huge success with our sales team. It will make the average salesperson a star, and take the Eagle Salesperson higher.
David Glennon, Executive VP Sales & Marketing, DemandPoint, Inc.

This is the business book equivalent of watching Michael Jordan play basketball. We now use the Wall Street Selling Methodology™ in our sales process.
Rob Tartre, Executive VP WW Sales, Broadband Services

This book fits our entire organization. Not just the sales staff, but also our mid-managers who need to be able to move more nimbly and with better-honed skills to sniff out the non-obvious.
Jim Bret-Harte, International Marketing Manager, Pepsi Co.

This is an extraordinary book that will become a business classic.
Ricardo Bolaños,
Director de la Incubadora de Empresas Tecnológico de Monterrey

The CEO’s initiatives drive the Big Deals. Think Like a CEO will enable you to work with the CEO to create those initiatives and drive sales!
Bob Simqu, Director, Strategic Services, Smartops

Think Like a CEO is right down the alley of what we try to do, but with much more concise breakouts of what and why tied to the value proposition. It is absolutely great in terms of laying out strategy, rationalization, and approach to get the deals done.
Henri Duhot, Sr. Director, Business Development, DHL

At last, a book that outlines practical strategies for real life sales teams. With over 75 cases – and some humorous writing – this is a must read for anyone involved in any type of business development.
Ademilson da Silva, Regional Manager, Banco do Brasil

Think Like A CEO is a "must read" for any business executive who wants to sell his ideas to top management or the board. It’s a guide that will help open doors to the top decision makers and create. value for the business.
Ricardo Hirata, CEO, Keisen Consultores, SA de CV

Think Like a CEO outlines a selling methodology that is brilliant in to its simplicity and effectiveness.
Doug Mohr, Vice President , Echostar Corporation

I enjoyed Mark's humor as much as the insight on dissecting a company’s strategy and turning that into a sale. Using this approach, I can better understand how my own company operates and what I might do to improve our bottom line.
Mark Ferrell, Leader Enterprise Planning, Bell Helicopter Textron

This book is an important new work in the way it teaches my team to sell. It has changed the way we sell and do business.
John Rumasuglia, President, Extended Lean Solutions

This book is nothing short of a groundbreaking method to approach sales and is guaranteed to drive results.
David Walder, VP Operations, Credit Protection Association

We sell to technical managers, yet Think Like a CEO taught our sales teams to sell more strategically to everyone in our prospect’s organization.
Doug Taylor, Founder and COO, Webmetrics

Think Like a CEO concisely summarizes key elements in business strategy. It allows readers to leverage the author’s twenty years of experience and generate sales – and value – immediately.
Dr. Michael Lawless, MBA Professor, INSEAD

We never got financial information on our prospective clients and partners because we never knew how to find it, or what it meant. I gave your book to everyone in my company and we now integrate your tools into our selling methodology.
Nader Ayoub, President, Avianco

I like how you make these concepts easy to understand. Your practical examples simplify challenging business cases and help to set sales strategies that would normally take years of experience to learn.

~ Kathy Pickowitz, Services Area Manager, IBM


"Either you live on the Serengeti, and get up every day running, or you live in a pond and survive on algae."

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